Thursday, May 25, 2017

24 May 2017 WEDNESDAY – 94

Reference of Business / Roll Call – 213 / Approval of Journal No. 93
Personal and Collective Privilege: GonzalesA re the big one (manifestation: Maceda) interp Chipeco Atienza Bataoil refto Rules
Unfinished Business: HB05636 Tax Reform sponsors Cua interp Teves Lagman Casilao Vergara de Jesus; consideration of the measure was suspended
Reconsideration and consequent Approval on 2nd Rdng of HB00187, as amended
Ratification of the Bicameral Report on HB05159 / SB01353
Referral of Inquiry Resolutions: HR00969 – Justice; HR00970 – Govt Enterprises and Privatization; HR00975 – Public Order and Safety; HR00976 – Human Rights; HR00977 – Agriculture and Food; HR00993 – Agriculture and Food; HR00999 – Energy; HR01000 – Good Government and Public Accountability; HR1003 – Transportation; HR1004 – Overseas Workers Affairs; HR1005 – Public Works and Highways
Approved on 2nd Reading: HB00684 Revealing Sources, as amended
Session adjourned at 8:38p till 4:00p Monday 29 May 2017