Wednesday, May 03, 2017

02 May 2017 TUESDAY – 84

Roll Call – 202 responded / Approval of Journal No. 83 / Reference of Business
Privilege Hour: Oaminal re AIPA refto Rules; Teves re illegal drugs and numbers game refto Rules
Referral of Inqiury Resolutions: HR00841 – Ways and Means; HR0082 – Agriculture and Food; HR00843 – Public Works and Highways; HR00845 – Public Order and Safety; HR00847 – Ways and Means; HR00848 – Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources; HR00850 – Economic Affairs; HR00853 – Energy; HR00857 – Public Order and Security; HR00860 – Energy; HR00863 – Energy; HR00866 – Ways and Means; HR00867 – Good Government and Public Accountability and Justice; HR00868 – Ways and Means; HR00869 – Housing and Urban Development; HR00871 – Natural Resources; HR00874 – Justice; HR00875 – Housing and Urban Development; HR00876 – Welfare of Children; HR00877 – Health; HR00880 – Transportation; HR00884 – National Defense and Security; HR00885 – Housing and Urban Development
Approval on 3rd Reading: HB05241, HB05152, HB05159, HB00735, HB05000, HB05211, HB05212, HB05224, HB05225, HB05240, HB05269, HB00622, HB01341, HB01926, HB003179, HB05001, HB05002, HB05003, HB05051, HB05052, HB05060, HB05069, HB05070, HB05071, HB05078, HB05079, HB05123, HB05146, HB05147, HB05148, HB05149, HB05150, HB05160, HB05161, HB05162, HB02615, HB00705, HB02737, HB05151, HB05172, HB05173, HB05183, HB05202, HB05203, HB05214 (for immediate transmittal to Senate)
Session adjourned at 7:52p till 4:00p Wednesday 03 May 2017