Tuesday, May 23, 2017

23 May 2017 TUESDAY – 93

Reference of Business / Approval of Journal No. 92 / Roll Call – 209
Business for the Day: HB05636 Tax Reform sponsors SuansingE Cua Quimbo interp BravoA Suarez Tinio Zarate Geron consideration was suspended
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB05663, HB05670, HB00187, HB05615, HB05635, HB05661, HB01875, HB05627, HB05638, HB05639, HB05640, HB05641, HB03710, HB05643, HB05646, HB05647, HB05654, HB05664, HB05665, HB05660
Reconsideration and consequent Approval on 2nd Rdng of HB04149, as amended
Ratification of the Bicameral Report on HB05225 / SB01277
Designation of Additional Conferees re HB05633 / SB01304: Evardone Lobregat
Session adjourned at 8:47p till 4:00p Wednesday 24 May 2017