Thursday, December 14, 2017

13 December 2017 WEDNESDAY – 48

Roll Call – 232 / Reference of Business + Additional / Approval of Journal No. 47
Business for the Day: HCR0009 (CR00110) Constituent Assembly sponsors Mercado GarciaG Veloso interp Tinio Atienza Zarate consideration suspended
Adoption of HCR0013
Approval of the Motion to Authorize Committees to Function During Christmas Break
Ratification of the Bicam Report on HB05636 / SB01592 Tax Reform
Session adjourned at: 10:05pm till 4:00pm Monday 15 January 2018

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

13 December 2017 WEDNESDAY – Joint Session No. 1

Roll Call: 14 Senators and 216 Representatives responded to the call 
Adoption of RBH0013
Adoption of the Rules of the Joint Special Session
Incorporation into the Records the Letter of the President
Consideration and Approval of letter of the President: voting – Senate: Y – 14; N – 4; Abs – 0; House: Y – 226; N – 23; Abs – 0; Total: Y – 240; N – 27; Abs – 0 
Approval of the Journal of the Joint Session
Joint Session adjourned at 2:06pm

12 December 2017 TUESDAY – 47

Roll Call – 232 / Reference of Business + Additional / Approval of Journal No. 46
Approval of HB05235as amended by the Senate
Recommitment of HB05789, HB05790, HB06011, HB06012 to the Ctte on Natural Resources
Ratification of the Bicam Report on HB06215 Budget 2018
Adoption of SCR0009 Joint Session of Congress on 13 December 2018 – Concurrent Res No. 9
Election of Membership to Various Committees
Session adjourned at: 8:56pm till 4:00pm Wednesday 13 December 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

11 December 2017 MONDAY – 46

Roll Call – 217 / Approval of Journal No. 45 / Reference of Business
Approval on 3rd Reading: HJR0018, HB06604, HB03222, HB06714, HB06702, HB06707, HB06708, HB06585, HB06602, HB06603, HB06681, HB06682, HB06683, HB06711, HB06740, HB06742, HB06715, HB06741
Ratification of the Bicam Reports of: HB04636, HB05063, HB05064, HB05175, HB05176, HB05177, HB05211, HB05212
Privilege Hour: Teves re enforcement of laws interp Atienza refto Rules; Adiong re Marawi siege refto Rules; Zubiri re Christmas celebration refto Rules; Villarin re protection of the environment refto Rules; Elago re observance of human rights day refto Rules
Reconsideration of Approval on 2nd Reading of: HB05789, HB05790
Session adjourned at: 7:20pm till 4:00pm Tuesday 12 December 2017