Thursday, October 12, 2017

11 October 2017 WEDNESDAY – 36

Roll Call – 238 / Reference of Business
Amendment to the House Rules
Voting on HR01397 re Impeachment Complaint against Chairman Andres Bautista
Archival of HB06426
Adoption: HR01407 – Res No. 71, HR01413 – Res No. 72
Authorizing all Committees to function during recess
Election of Members to Various Committees
Session adjourned at: 5:29pm till 4:00pm Monday 13 November 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10 October 2017 TUESDAY – 35

Roll Call – 223 / Approval of Journal No. 34 / Reference of Business + Additional
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB06452, HB00159, HB06571, HB06572, HB06550, HB06570, HB06557, HB06558, HB03492, HB06579, HB01616, HB04863, HB06590, HB06598, HB06589, HB06524, HB06525, HB06523, HB05578, HB06528, HB06529, HB06530, HB06531, HB06532, HB06533, HB06534, HB06535, HB06551
Business for the Day: HB06573 Hazing sponsor Umali consideration was suspended
Adoption: HR00134, HR00010, HR00053, HR00654
Ratification of Conference Committee Report on HB06016 / SB01466 Gift Checks
Referral of Inquiry Resolutions: HR01338, HR01339 – Info Comm Tech, HR01345 – Higher Tech Ed, HR01394 – Games and Amusement
Privilege Hour: Robes re water resources refto Rules; Roque re Mayor Bayron of Puerto Princesa refto Rules; Brosas re farmers’ plight refto Rules; Elago re agrarian reform refto Rules
Session adjourned at: 7:08pm till 4:00pm Wednesday 11 October 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

09 October 2017 MONDAY – 34

Roll Call – 217 / Approval of Journal No. 33 / Reference of Business + Additional
Privilege Hour: Teves re tax collection refto Rules; BravoA re cooperativism refto Rules; Bordado re poverty refto Rules; Geron re cooperativism refto Rules; Elago re student leadership refto Rules; de Jesus re Dutertenomics refto Rules; Villarin re informal settlers refto Rules, DimaporoMK re creation of ARMM refto Rules
Approval on 3rd Reading: HB06396, HB06431, HB01530, HB00927, HB06394, HB06512, HB06522, HB06465, HB06513, HB06521
Election of Casilao as an Additional Conferee for HB05670 / SB01465
Approval of HB04942 as amended by the Senate
Change of Referral of: HB00544 and HB04530 from Govt Reorg and Youth to Youth, HB03494 from Natural Resources to Govt Enterp, HB04793 and HB04870 from Women to Population, HB05923 from Labor to Higher Tech Ed and Labor, HB06287 from Higher Tech Ed to Higher Tech Ed and Labor, HB06205 from Welfare of Children  to Labor
Session adjourned at: 7:14pm till 4:00pm Tuesday 10 October 2017

Thursday, October 05, 2017

04 October 2017 WEDNESDAY – 33

Roll Call – 217 / Approval of Journal No. 32 / Reference of Business
Business for the Day: HB06517 Medical Cannabis spnsor Albano; consideration was suspended
Unfinished Business: HB06452 Mental Health Act sponsor Roa-Puno [coauthors manifested: Hofer Noel Matugas OrtegaV Bagatsing Torres-Gomez interpellation Lagman Vergara]; committee amendment; consideration was suspended
Approval on 3rd Reading: HB05799 Conversion of Fishpond Land, HB06391, HB02097, HB03979, HB06316, HB06418, HJR0015
Referral of Inquiry Resolutions: HR01325 – Justice, HR01328 – Justice, HR01329 National Defense, HR01330 – National Defense, HR01331 – Overseas Welfare, HR01332 – Public Works, HR01336 Public Order
Privilege Hour: Bertiz re license plates interpellation BravoA refto Rules
Session adjourned at: 6:59pm till 4:00pm Monday 09 October 2017

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

03 October 2017 TUESDAY – 32

Roll Call – 203 / Approval of Journal No. 31 / Reference of Business + Aditional
Unfinished Business: HB06452 Mental Health Act sponsor Roa-Puno interpellation Lagman Cayetano (manifestation) consideration was suspended
Business for the Day: HB06425 Land-based Traffic Management consideration was suspended
Approved on 2nd Reading: HB01530, HB06396 (with additional coauthors), HB06431, HB06449, HB00927, HB06465, HB03932, HB06512, HB06513, HB06521, HB06522
Adopted: CR00398, and; CR00399 re HR01054 and HR01057 – Res No. 71
Session adjourned at: 5:53pm till 4:00pm Wednesday 04 October 2017

02 October 2017 MONDAY – 31

Roll Call – 227 / Approval of Journal No. 30 / Reference of Business + Aditional
Privilege Hour: Datol re senior citizen’s week interp Atienza refto Rules; DimaporoMK re new BBL version refto Rules; Villarin re cct interp Lagman refto Rules; CastroFL national teachers day manifestation Vergara refto Rules; del Rosario re AIMAG interp Zubiri LopezML Estralla refto Rules; Brosas re bombing in Batangas refto Rules; Casilao re bombing in Batangas refto Rules
Personal and Collective Privilege: Turabin-Hataman re resignation as representative of AMin and announcing Amahilda Sangcopan as her substitute manifestation Bag-ao refto Rules
Session adjourned at: 7:21pm till 4:00pm Tuesday 03 October 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

26 September 2017 TUESDAY – 29

Roll Call – 220 / Approval of Jornal No. 28 / Reference of Business
Approval on 3rd Reading: HB06215 Budget 2018
Approved on 2nd Reading: HJR0015 Housing for AFP, PNP, etc, HB06316, HB06394, HB03979, HB06418, HB02097, HB06426
Referral of Inquiry Resolutions: HR01309 – Good Government and Energy, HR01311 – Wefare of Children, HR01314, HR01315 – Agrarian Reform, HR01316 – Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, HR01318, HR01319 – National Defense, HR01320 – Housing, HR01322 – Justice, HR01323 – Human Rights, HR01324 – Ways and Means
Chjange of Referral: HR01119 from Rules to Higher and Technical Education
Adopted: HR01292 Vilma Santos – Res No. 66; HR01337 Balangiga Bells – Res No. 37 (with manifestations of Evardone Elago Sy-Alvarado)
Session adjourned at: 5:59pm till 4:00pm Wednesday 27 September 2017

25 September 2017 MONDAY – 28

Roll Call – 220 / Approval of Journal No. 27, as amended / Reference of Business + Additional
Approval on 3rd Reading: HB05745, HB06276, HB06314, HB06315, HB06317, HB00990, HB06311, HB05777, HB06389
Privilege Hour: Panotes re Winceslao Q. Vinzons, Sr., a hero refto Rules; GoM re labor-management relationships refto Rules; Alejano re West Phil. Sea refto Rules; Marcoleta re CHR budget interp del Mar DimaporoMK refto Rules; de Jesus re malnutrition intervension refto Rules; DimaporoMK re war-torm Mindanao interp Lobregat refto Rules
Adopted SB01584 as amendment to HB06308 Postponing Barangay and SK Elections
Session adjourned at: 8:32pm till 4:00pm Tuesday 26 September 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

20 September 2017 WEDNESDAY – 27

Roll Call – 221 / Approval of Jornal No. 26 / Reference of Business
Approval on 3rd Reading: HB04982 SOGIE, HB06331, HB06294
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB05745 CocoFund, HB06389, HB06391
Privilege Hour: Brosas re lakbayan ng pambansang minorya refto Rules; Vergara re fraternity hazing interp (manifs) Robes Cayetano refto Rules
Session adjourned at: 5:51pm till 4:00pm Monday 25 September 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

19 September 2017 TUESDAY – 26

Roll Call – 234 / Approval of Jornal No. 25 / Reference of Business
Reconsideration and Approval of Journal No. 23
Privilege Hour: Violago re women OFWs refto Rules; de Jesus re ML anniversary refto Rules
Refarral of Inquiry Resolutions: HR01293 – Basic Ed and Higher and Tech Ed, HR01294 – Agriculture, HR01297 – Human Rights, HR01300 – Banks, HR01306 – Trade
Session adjourned at: 4:34pm till 4:00pm Wednesday 20 September 2017

18 September 2017 MONDAY – 25

Roll Call – 234 / Approval of Jornal No. 23, as amended and Journal No. 24 / Reference of Business
Privilege Hour: Bataoil re World War II veterans benefits interp Sy-Alvarado Atienza (manif) Alejano Roman Biazon Kho (manif) refto Rules; Br avoA re developmental support for OFWs interp Bertiz refto Rules; Zarate re reclamation projects refto Rules; Casilao re 45th anniversary of Martial Law refto Rules
Election Conferees to HB06016 / SB01466 Gift Check: Biron Romualdo Vergara Zubiri Castelo Sy-Alvarado Tambunting BelmonteJC OrtegaV Arcilla
Change of Referral: HB00404 from Youth to Basic Ed and Higher Ed; HB00885 from Trade to Health and Trade; HB00884, HB04129, HB00917, HB00925, HB04713, HB05204 and HR00973 from Health to Health and Trade; HB06259 from Natural Resources to Natural Resources and Legislative Franchises; HR00559 from Housing to Good Govt and Housing
Session adjourned at: 6:07pm till 4:00pm Tuesday 19 September 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

13 September 2017 WEDNESDAY – 24

Roll Call – 217 / Reference of Business / Approval of Journal No. 22
Approval on 3rd Reading: HB06016, HB06177, HB02290, HB06161, HB06239, HB06283
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB04982, HB05777, HB06314, HB06315, HB06317, HB06276, HB06331, HB00990, HB06311, HB00868, HB06294
Referral of Inquiry Resolutions: HR01217 – Higher and Tech Ed; HR01220 – Health; HR01223 – Housing; HR01224 – Energy; HR01234 – Higher and Tech and Basic Ed; HR01254 – Justice; HR01255 – Foreign Affairs; HR01256 – Muslim Affairs; HR01257 – National Defense; HR01259 – Public Works; HR01286 – Welfare of Children; HR01290 – Ways and Means; HR01291 – Youth and Sports Development
Election of Members to Various Committees: Plaza (as Chairperson) – People’s Paqrticipation; Savellano (as Chairperosn vice Dalog) –North Luzon Growth Quadrangle
Session adjourned at: 5:49pm till 4:00pm Monday 18 September 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

12 September 2017 TUESDAY – 23

Roll Call – 168/236 / Reference of Business
Concurred with Senate amendments on HB04924 Barangay Magugpo
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB06215 (CR00363) Budget 2018
Creation of a small Committee to receive and resolve individual amendments to HB06215 Budget 2018: Nograles KA ZamoraMC Sandoval Farinas Sambar Cua Suarez
Session adjourned at: 6:44pm till 4:00pm Wednesday 13 September 2017