Thursday, August 31, 2017

30 August 2017 WEDNESDAY – 16

Roll Call – 232 / Approval of Journal No. 15 / Reference of Business + Additional
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB06221 National ID System, as amended
Change of Referral: HB6254 from Basic Education to Higher and Technical Education
Referral of Inquiry Resolutions: HR01188 Good Govt, HR01189 Agri, HR01190 Energy, HR01191 Energy, HR01192 Energy, HR01193 Agri, HR01201 Natural Resources, HR01202 Labor, HR01203 Agrarian Reform, HR01204 Agrarian Reform, HR01208 Transportation, HR0 1209 Human Rights, HR01211 National Defense, HR01212 Good Government
Concurrence to the Amendments of the Senate on HB04934, HB04937 and HB04940
Session adjourned at 8:42p till 10:00a Monday 04 September 2017