Thursday, August 03, 2017

02 August 2017 WEDNESDAY – 6

Roll Call – 249 / Reference of Business / Approval of Journal No. 5
Manifestation: Velasco re NEA accomplishments (with video presentation)
Unfinished Business: HB05745 Coco Trust Fund sponsor Panganiban interp Brosas Daza Zarate Cojuangco Lobregat Casilao Lagman consideration of the measure was suspended
Reconsideration and Approval on 2nd Reading of HB05758, as amended
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB05792, HB05750
Change of Referral: HB00450 – from Small Business to Small Business and Poverty Alleviation, HB00527 – from Natural Res to Spl Ctte on Climate Change, HB01105, HB01839, HB02307, HB04729 – from Poverty Allev to Small Bus and Poverty Allev, HB03046 – from Rev Laws to Local Govt, HB03539 – from Nat Res to Agri and Food, HB03686 – from Health to Trade and Ind, HB04737 – from Transpo to Public Works, HB05381 and HB05714 – from Public Order to Transpo and Public Order, HB05839 – from Transpo to Transpo and Public Order
Session adjourned at 6:39p till 4:00p Monday 07 August 2017