Wednesday, March 15, 2017

14 March 2017 – TUESDAY – 82

Roll Call – 213 responded / Approval of Journal No. 81 / Reference of Business + Additional
Privilege Hour: Bordado re late DILG Sec Jesse Robredo refto Rules; Atienza re Lord Ukon Takayama interp Marcoleta refto Rules
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB05240, HB05000, HB05225, HB05241, HB05269
Business for the Day: HB04982 SOGIE sponsorship Aglipay-Villar Bag-ao Roman; suspended
Referral of Inquiry Resolutions: HR00821 – Agri and Food, HR00823 – Trade and Industry, HR00821 – Agri and Food, HR00824 and HR00838 – Labor and Employment, HR00830 – Higher Education, HR00833 – Transportation, HR00837 – Human Rights, HR00838 – Public Order and Safety, HR00839 – Higher and Tech Education, HR00840 – National Defense, HR00882 – Good Government and Public Accountability
Approval of HB04631 and HB04637 as amended by the Senate
Adoption: HR00881 – Res No. 49
Session adjourned at 7:41p till 4:00p Wednesday 15 March 2017