Tuesday, March 07, 2017

06 March 2017 – MONDAY – 78

Reference of Business / Roll Call – 216 responded / Approval of Journal Nos. 76 and 77
Privilege Hour: Suansing re fighting women heroes refto Rules; Aragones struggles of women refto Rules; Calixto Rubiano re Maxine Medina refto Rules; Brosas re genuine change refto Rules; Elago re expoiltation of women refto Rules; CastroFL re socialists refto Rules; Cayetano re responsible parenthood refto Rules
Adoption: HR00816 Maxine Medina (in conso with HR00738, HR00734, HR00729) – Res No. 39
Awarding of Res No. 39 to Maxine Medina
Session adjourned at 6:13p till 4:00p Tuesday 07 March 2017