Thursday, September 29, 2016

28 September 2016 WEDNESDAY – 28

Reference of Business + Additional / Roll Call – 188 responded / Approval of Journal Nos. 26 & 27
Unfinished Business: HB03408 (CR00002) Budget 2017 MTRCB/FDCP/OMB spons Olivares terminated; DOE/ERB spons Salceda interp Zarate terminated; PCUP spons GarinO terminated; SUCs/Commission on Higher Education spons Javier interp Suarez Tinio Daza Villarin RoqueH Elago Abellanosa Bordado (manif) BravoA (manif) terminated; OPAPP spons DimaporoM interp Suarez terminated; MMDA spons Vargas interp Suarez Atienza terminated; MDA/SPDA/ZCSEZA spons DimaporoM terminated; ARMM spons DimaporoM interp Suarez TanS CastroFL (manif) terminated; PRRC spons Vargas interp Suarez terminated; DSWD/Attached Agencies spo GarinO interp Cagas de Jesus Suarez terminated; consideration of the measure was suspended
Election of Member to HRET – Cari
Manifestation: Atienza re leaks in the plenary hall
Adoption of HCR0008 Order of the Rising Sun for Senator Drilon 
Recons of Referral of HB000935 and subsequent Referral to Justice 
Session adjourned at 7:38p till 10:00a Thursday 29 September 2016