Tuesday, September 13, 2016

13 September 2016 TUESDAY – 21

Reference of Business / Roll Call – 237 responded / Approval of Journal No. 20
Reconsideration of referral of HR00334 Commending Janelle Mae Frayna; subsequent referral to the Committee on Rules; Adoption as Res No. 12 
Privilege Hour: Teves re social media regulation refto Rules; Rocamora re participatory budgeting interp Villarin refto Rules
Approved on 3rd Reading: HB03504 Postponing Barangay and SK Elections – 218-4-0; for immediate transmittal to Senate
Manifestation: Brosas re her no vote and insertion into the records of her explanation of vote
Election of Deputy Speakers and Members of Various Committees
Session adjourned at 7:45p till 4:00p Wednesday 14 September 2016