Thursday, December 17, 2015

16 December 2015 WEDNESDAY – 42

Reference of Business + Additional / Approval of Journal No. 41
Unfinished Business HB05811 BLBAR sponsor RodriguezR interpellation Atienza; period of sponsorship and debate was terminated; deliberation of the measure was suspended
Approval on 3rd Reading: HB06194, HB05887, HB06285, HB04982, HB06318, HB06211, HB06212, HB06204, HB06203, HB06229, HB06238, HB06244, HB05886, HJR0036, HB06312, HB06313, HB06314, HB06315, HB06323, HB06003, HB06168
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB06197, HB06342, HB06337, HB06338, HB06339, HJR0038
Concurrence with Senate Amendments: HB05531, HB05532, HB05391
Ratification of the Conference Committee Reports: HB06132 and HB01039 / SB02890
Approval of Motion to Authorize the Committees to Function During Recess
Remarks of the Speaker
Session adjourned at 7:01p till 4:00p Monday 18 January 2016