Tuesday, December 15, 2015

14 December 2015 MONDAY – 40

Approval of Journal No. 39 / Roll Call – 191 responded
Privilege Hour: Colmenares re martial law abuses interpellation Atienza – Rules
Election of Conferees for HB06268 / SB02671: Ungab Gonzales Andaya ZamoraR
Unfinished Business: HB05811 BLBAR sponsor RodriguezR interpellations Yu Cerilles (interpellation of Cerilles was suspended); consideration of the measure was suspended
Change of Referral: HB05584 from Trade and Industries to Economic Affairs
Ratification of the Conference Committe Report on SB02622 / HB05587 Biofuels Act
Session adjourned at 7:55p till 4:00p Tuesday 15 December 2015