Monday, September 01, 2014

27 August 2014 WEDNESDAY – 10 cont

Additional Reference of Business
Privilege Hour: 1) Gerona-Robredo re death anniv of Sec Robredo manif: 0 to Rules; 2) GuarinS re forwarding industry to Rules; 3) Acedillo re disputed territory to Rules; 4) Relampagos re death of students in Bulacan to Rules
Unfinished Business: RBH 1 (CR 119) Consti Amendt spo Barzaga interp Colmenares suspended
Adoption: HR01396 Commending Police Officers – Res No. 125 (in conso HR01407)
Consolidation of HR01369 with HR01378 (adopted as Res No. 123)
Session adjourned at 8:04p