Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 September 2014 WEDNESDAY – 16

Approval of Journal No. 15 / Reference of Business + Additional / Roll Call – 186 responded
Personal and Collective Privilege: 1) Atiernza re parliamentary practice; 2) Bagatsing re legislative proceedings to Rules
Election of Members to the Ad Hoc Committee on Bangsmoro Basic Law
Approval on 3rd Reading: 1) HB00945, 2) HB04852, 3) HB04860, 4) HB00772
Reconsideration of Approval on 2nd Reading of HB04807 and Consequent Recommitment to the Committee on Public Information
Adoption: HR01477 Death of Hon Raul Gonzalez – Res No. 135 (in conso with HR01481)
Privilege Hour: Seneres re terminal fee for overseas workers to Rules
Adjourned at 6:58p till 10:00a Monday 15 September 2014