Friday, September 08, 2017

07 September 2017 THURSDAY – 20

Roll Call – 156 / 209 / Reference of Business / Approval of Journal No.18
Unfinished Business: HB06215 (CR00363) Budget 2018: DOST/Attached Agencies spons Jalosjos interp Suarez terminated; DICT/Attached Agencies spons Amante interp Suarez terminated reconsidered; OPAPP spons DimaporoMK interp Zarate CastroFL Tinio terminated; MDA DimaporoMK terminated; PDEA spons Lanete interp Suarez de Jesus Lagman RoqueH Tinio Alejano Suarez terminated; DDB spons Lanete interp Suarez terminated; CCC spons Salceda interp Suarez terminated; DOH/Attached Agencies spons Lanete interp Suarez Zarate RoqueH de Jesus Chavez Tinio Salon CastrFL Biron Brosas Suarez terminated
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB06283 National Student Day
Adoption: HR01260 Congratulating Mark Castillo and Richard Cabuay – Res No. 66
Change Referral: HB01062, HB01062, HB01062, HB01062 from Revision of Laws to Population and Family Relations; HR01210 from Rules to Youth and Sports Development
Session adjourned at: 10:44pm till 10:00am Friday 08 September 2017