Monday, July 24, 2017

24 July 2017 MONDAY - 1

National Anthem / Invocation: Rep Garcia-Albano
Message by Speaker Alvarez
Roll Call (by Region/Partylist) – 264 responded to the call
Oath taking of Reps. Datol and Magsaysay administered by Speaker Alvarez
Adoption: 1) HR01104 Informing Senate of House Organization – Res No. 62; 2) HR01105 Informing the President of House’s Readiness – Res No. 63; 3) HCR0011 Joint Session to Hear the Message of the President – Ct Res No. 6; 4) SCR00006 Readiness of Congress to Receive President’s Message – Ct Res No. 7
Election of Joint Committee to Inform the President (All Deputy Speakers)
Session adjourned at 11:18a till 4:00p Tuesday 25 July 2017