Wednesday, February 08, 2017

08 February 2017 – WEDNESDAY – 68

Reference of Business / Roll Call – 215; Roll Call – 156 / Approval of Journals No. 66 & 67
Referral of Resolutions in Aid of Legislation: HR00705 and HR00709 – Ecology; HR00706 and HR00707 – Higher and Tech Educ and Transportation; HR00710 – Trade and Industry; HR00714 – Metro Manila Devt; HR00715 – Games and Amusements; HR00720, HR00726 and HR00727 – Public Order and Safety; HR00721 and HR00724 – National Defense and Security; HR00722 – Higher and Tech Educ; HR00723 and HR00728 – Transportation; HR00725 – Agriculture and Food
Change of Referral: HB01200 and HB01203 – from Public Works and Highways to Transportation; HR00479, and HR00294 – from Public Works and Highways to Govt Enterprises and Privatization and Public Works and Highways; HB00703 and HB02075 – from Public Works and Highways to Govt Enterprises and Privatization; HB02496 – from Poverty Alleviation to Spl Ctte on Food Security
Unfinished Business: HB04727 Death Penalty spons UmaliR Veloso interp Lagman del Mar consideration suspended
Session adjourned at 9:04p till 4:00p Monday 13 February 2017