Wednesday, December 14, 2016

14 December 2016 WEDNESDAY – 56

Reference of Business + Additional/ Roll Call – 256 / Approval of Journal No. 55
Privilege Hour: Bertiz re human trafficking interp Bravo Roque Lagman refto Rules
Election of Members to the Committees
Adoption: HR00617 – Res No. 25; HR00637 (in conso with HR00635 and HR00638) – Res No. 26; HR00641 – Res No. 27
Change of Referral: HB00294 – from Public Works to Agri, HB03429 – from Appro to People’s Participation and Appro, HB02596 – from Higher and Tech Ed to Higher and Tech Ed and Basic Ed, HB02984 – from Basic Ed to Higher and Tech Ed, HB03753 – from Poverty Allev to Health, HB00374 and HB00375 – from Rev Laws to Women and Gender Equality
Approval of motion to authorize the committees to conduct hearings/meetings during recess
Adjourned at 6:04p till 4:00p Monday 16 January 2017