Tuesday, November 29, 2016

29 November 2016 TUESDAY – 50

Reference of Business / Roll Call – 207 / Approval of Journal No.49
Personal and Collective Privilege: Vargas re 911 emergency hotline interp Bataoil refto Rules; Teves re e-games refto Rules; Atienza re LLDA interp Villarin GonzalesAD refto Rules
Change of Referral: HB0­­­1473 – from Health to Basic Educ & Culture and Higher & Technical Educ; HB00898 – from Health to Higher & Technical Educ; HB00985 and HB01915 – from Health to Women & Gender Equality; HB01998 – Health to Trade & Industry; HB01339 – Health to Local Govt; HB02006 – Health to Higher and Technical Educ; HB01367 – Health to Higher & Technical Educ; HB02551 – Health to Dangerous Drugs; HB01084 – Health to Local Govt; HB01719 – Agri & Food to Agra Reform; HB01669 – Health to Local Govt; HB02595 – Health to Games & Amusements; HB02594 – Health to Games & Amusements; HB00767 – Health to Special Ctte on Food Security; HB03419 – Agri & Food to Special Ctte on Food Security
Referral to Resolutions on inquiries in aid of legislation to Committees: HR00335 – Banks; HR00338 – National Defense; HR00545 – Indigenous Cultural Comm & Indigenous Peoples; HR00546 – Games; HR00547 – Ecology; HR00549 – Social Services; HR00552 – Overseas Workers; HR00556 – Public Info; HR00557; Public Works; HR00558 – Overseas Workers Affairs; HR00561 – Youth and Sports; HR00563 – Transpo; HR00565 – Good Govt; HR00566 - Energy
Election of Minority Members to the Committees: Chavez - Veterans Affairs  and Welfare; Salon - Spl Ctte on Bicol Recovery & Economic Devt; Bertiz - Spl Ctte on West Philippine Sea; Cortuna - Indigenous Cultural Communities and Indigenous Peoples
Session adjourned at 5:43p till 4:00p Monday 5 December 2016