Thursday, October 13, 2016

12 October 2016 WEDNESDAY – 36

Reference of Business / Roll Call – 227
Privilege Hour: RoqueH re justice for Jennifer Laude refto Rules; Teves re poor services of telcos interp Castelo Maceda Pineda Herrera-Dy Salo (manif) refto Rules; Zarate re peace talks refto Rules; Kho re air transportation refto Rules
Conferment of the Golden Mace Award (Res No. 15) to Ambassador Goldbeg of the U.S.A.
Referral to Committees of HRs on investigation in aid of legislation: HB00315 – Ecology; HB00392 – Spl Ctte on Globalization & WTO; HB00396 – Overseas Workers Affairs; HB00400 – ICT; HB00402 – Health; HB00403 – Transpo; HB00407 – Higher and Tech Ed; HB00408 – Human Rights; HB00409 – ICCs and IPs; HB00415 – Energy
Session adjourned at 6:19p till 4:00p Monday 17 October 2016