Tuesday, July 26, 2016

25 July 2016 MONDAY - 1

National Anthem / Invocation by AlvarezM
Roll Call (by Region/Partylist) – 285 responded to the call
Designation of the Presiding Officer / Acting Floor Leader (Farinas)
Adoption of the 16th Congress Rules as Provisional Rules for the 17th Congress, as amended
Election of the Speaker (AlvarezP) nominated by: BelmonteF SingsonE AlvarezM CastroF Abu RoqueH (Suarez) Campos (Suarez) Daza (Baguilat) Villarin (Baguilat)
Oath Taking of Speaker Alvarez administered by Laogan / Acceptance Speech of Speaker Alvarez
Adoption of HR00106 Commending Speaker Belmonte – Res No. 1; HR00107 Commending Neptali Gonzales – Res No. 2; HR00108 Commending Ronaldo Zamora – Res No. 3
Oath Taking of the Members of the House of Representatives
Election of the Deputy Speakers: SingsonE AlvarezM CastroF AbuR
Oath taking of Deputy Speakers administered by Speaker Alvarez
Election of the Secretary General (Atty Cesar S. Pareja)
Oath Taking of Secretary General Pareja administered by Speaker Alvarez
Adoption HR00109 Commending SecGren Yap – Res No. 4
Election of Roland Detabali as Sergeant–at-Arms
Adoption HR00110 – Commending SAA Radovan – Res No. 5
Election of Majority Floor Leader Farinas and Deputy Speaker Quimbo
Adoption: 1) HR00091 Informing Senate of House Organization – Res No. 6; 2) HR00092 Informing the President of House’s Readiness – Res No. 7; 3) HCR0003 Joint Session to Hear the Message of the President – Ct Res No. 1; 4) SCR00001 Readiness of Congress to Receive President’s Message – Ct Res No. 2
Election of Joint Committee to Inform the President (SingsonE AlvarezM Castro Abu)
Election of Deputy Majority Floor Leaders Bondoc and Tugna
Session adjourned at 1:51p till 4:00p Tuesday 26 July 2016


(26 July 2016 - 4:00pm)