Tuesday, May 24, 2016

23 May 2016 MONDAY – 52

Approval of Journal Nos. 49, 50 and 51 / Roll Call – 189 responded / Reference of Business
Ratification of Conference Committee Reports on: HB06040 / SB02419, HB04116 / SB02947, HB05885 / SB02950, HB05911 / SB02999, HB06395 / SB03032
Approved as Amended by the Senate: HB00772, HB03785, HB05417, HB03219, HB03220, HB03222, HB03223, HB05406, HB05446, HB05571, HB05583, HB05844, HB06012, HB06038, HB05511, HB06152, HB03145,
Adopted SB03204 as an amendment to HB06204, Adopted SB02422 as an amendment to HB04544, Adopted SB03205 as an amendment to HB04832, Adopted SB03209 as an amendment to HB05572, Adopted SB00449 as an amendment to HB05780, Adopted SB02239 as an amendment to HB00925, Adopted SB02581 as an amendment to HB06423, Adopted SB02434 as an amendment to HB06421, Adopted SB03090 as an amendment to HB06414, Adopted SB03091 as an amendment to HB06415,
Personal and Collective Privileges: Colmenares re vetoed SSS pension increase bill; Ty-Delgado re first and final address to Congress - Rules
Adopted HCR0015 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Canvass of Votes
Approved on 3rd Reading: HB05616, HB06410, HB06414, HB06415, HB06421, HB06424, HB06428, HB05560, HB06413, HB06416, HB06418, HB06422, HB06423, HB06425, HB06431
Approved on 2nd Reading: HB06169, HB06170 HB06429, HB06433, HB06436, HB06437, HB06438, HB06439
Oath-Taking as Members of: Mary Elizabeth Ty-Delgado – 1st District, Surigao del Sur; Roberto T. Mascarinas – ATING KOOP Partylist
Election of Member to Committees: VelascoA – Ecology Justice Banks and Financial Intermediaries, Information and Communications Technology, National Defense and Security
Session suspended at 7:01p to give way to the Joint Session of Congress to convene at 2:00p, Tuesday, 24 May 2016