Thursday, January 28, 2016

27 January 2016 WDNESDAY – 48

Reference of Business + additional
Approval on 2nd Reading: HB06162, HB06397, HB06398, HB06411, HB06412
B06412HB0Change of Referral: HR02517 - Rules
Election of Conferees: HB04990 / SB02955 – MendozaR GatchalianS YapS Violago Noel Hicap delaCruz; HB05855 / SB02950 – Tupas Escudero BelloS Noel
Change of Conferee: HB04116 / SB02947 – BelloS vice Cayetano
Approval as amended by Senate: HB00216, HB00273, HB00540, HB00577, HB00696, HB002095, HB02188, HB02592, HB04404, HB05825, HB02360
Adopted: HR02517 – Res No. 256; HR02641 – Res No. 257; HR02613 – Res No. 258; HR02644 – Res No. 259 (consolidated with HR02624, HR02630)
Personal and Collective Privilege: Colmenares re veto of SSS pension bill – Rules; Balindong re failure to pass the BBL bill – Rules
Unfinished Business: HB05811 BLBAR turno en contra Lobregat suspended, consideration of the measure was suspended
Business for the Day: HB06328 NIPAS sponsor delaCruz individual amendment Villar suspended
Session was adjourned at 7:48p till 4:00p Monday 01 February 2016