Thursday, February 26, 2015

25 February 2015 WEDNESDAY – 54

Approval of Journal No. 53 / Reference of Business
Personal and Collective Privilege: delaCruz re Camp John Hay interp Aliping Erice – Rules; Atienza re 29th anniversary of People Power interp delaCruz – Rules
Change of Referral: HB05345 &; HB05439 from Trade & Industry and Economic Affairs to Economic Affairs and Trade &; Industry; HB05105 &; HB05117 from Population & Family Relations to Women &; Gender Equality
Approval of the Bicam Conference Committee Report on HB05283 / SB02138 Sandiganbayan
Election of Conferees for SJR0012 / HJR0021 Power Industry: UmaliR Abad Masongsong Fuentebella Albano
Unfinished Business: HB05286 Anti-Trust sponsor delRosarioAG interp delaCruz suspended
Session adjourned at 7:14p