Wednesday, January 21, 2015

20 January 2015 TUESDAY – 38

Reference of Business + Additional / Approval of Journal No. 37 / Roll Call – 207 responded
Personal and Collective Privilege: Ong re early child education sytem interp Atienza delMar (manif: congrats) to Rules
Unfinished Business: RBH 1 Consti Amendments sponsor Garcia-Albano interp Ilagan susp
Referral: HR01306 – to the Ctte on Health; HR01308 – to the Ctte on Ways and Means
Reconsideration: HR01674 – reconsideration was adopted
Adoption: HR01781Res No. 167 (in conso with HR01787); HR01816Res No. 168 (in conso with HR01799, HR01802, HR01806); HR01813Res No. 169; HR01805Res No. 170 (in conso with HR01812); HR01820Res No. 171; HR01821Res No. 172
Session adjourned at 7:011p