Wednesday, August 13, 2014

12 August 2014 TUESDAY – 7

Reference of Business - Additional /Approval of Journal No. 6
Personal and Collective Previlege: Apostol re smuggling of resins to Rules
Privilege Hour: 1) Ilagan re indigenous peoples to Rules; 2) Ridon re arrest of Palparan to Rules; 3) Atienza re pantawid pampamilya program interp delaCruz to Rules
Unfinished Business: HB03587 Political Dynasty sponsor de Castro interp delaCruz suspended
Approval on 2nd Reading (4): HB04768, HB04807, HB04821, HB04828
Adoption: HR01342 Congratulating Halasan – Res No. 119 (in conso with HR01359)
Session adjourned at 6:20p