Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 June 2014 TUESDAY – 69 cont

Additional Reference of Business
Privilege Hour: 1) Erice re defending Liberal Party refto Rules; 2) Bagatsing re PDAF scam interp Atienza Ocampo Abu refto Rules; 3) Ilagan re peasant women refto Rules; 4) de Jesus re illegal dismissal of NXP union officials interp Seneres refto Rules; 5) Acharon re qualification of city treasurer in GenSan refto Rules; 6) Hicap re CARPER extension refto appcomm
Approval on 2nd Reading: 1) HJR0013 Food Fortification of Sugar; 2) HB03675 Condonation of Unpaid Taxes; 3) HB00586 Registry of Deeds of Zamboanga Sibugay; 4) HB00834 Payatan School; 5) HB04605 Cavite 7th District; 6) HB04608 Socialized Housing Project in Negros
Approval on Conference Committee Reports: 1) HB04595/SB02046 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises; 2) HB04082/SB02281 Lemon Law; 3) HB03984/SB02159 Entry of Foreign Banks
Adoption: 1) HR01182 Commending Donaire – Res No. 103; 2) HR01122 Death of Anthony Villanueva – Res No. 104; 3) HR01133 Death of Clara dela Rosa – Res No. 105; 4) HR01203 Consular Ofice in Alberta – Res No. 106; 5) HR01209 Death of Virginia Quinto – Res No. 107
Session suspended at 6:42p