Tuesday, January 17, 2012

16 January 2012 MONDAY – 32

Reference of Business + Additional / Approval of Journal No. 31 / Roll Call – 194 responded to the call

Election of Prosecutor in the Impeachment Trial of CJ Corona: Primicias-Agabas (vice Tanada)

Elected Prosecutors: Tupas Farinas Aggabao Barzaga Colmenares UmaliR Bag-ao Daza Abaya (vice Quimbo) Primicias-Agabas (vice Tanada) Tugna

Designated as Spokespersons: Quimbo Tanada Angara

Designated as Administrative Officials for the House Prosecutors: Banal Relampagos

Privilege Hour: 1) Benaldo re flood in Cagayan de Oro refto appcomm; 2) RodriguezR re Cagayan de Oro flush flood interp Biazon Escudero (manifestation) Ejercito reft appcomm; 3) de Jesus re long-range solution plan to prevent environmental destruction refto appcomm; 4) Emano re inquiry on the result of the flood in CDO refto appcomm; 5) Alcover re allegation that he maligned the integrity of the House refto appcomm; 6) Bello re assassination of Cris Guarin refto appcomm

Extension of Ad Hoc Committee to investigate the break-in at the House for five (5) session days

Adopted: HR02036 Condolence on the Death of Hon Leonardo Fugoso – Res No. 214

Session suspended at 6:33p till 4:00p Tuesday 17 January 2012